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Our wood is good.

Our Original Wooden iPad Stands are as of now made from German beech. That’s not all. If you want to get technical about our wood, check this out: Sup.Color S2S; PEFC Mixed 70%, CU-PEFC-008566 KD. Apperantly it’s award winning, PEFC approved wood.

So our wood is good. Very good

Sideways ebook reading with the Wooden iPad Stand!

Want to read an ebook comfortably in your bed? Put it in the Wooden iPad Stand sideways! Works perfectly, even with a Kindle (or iPad 1 or iPad 2). Try it out for your self!

Thanks to Pascal Altena for emailing this picture.

MacBook Air Wooden (iPad) Stand

How awesome is this? @riichard used two The Next Web Wooden iPad Stands to prop up his MacBook Air! Great stuff.

Thanks for sharing, love it!

Wooden iPad Stands at Etsy Expo Dutch Design Week!

Our handmade Wooden iPad Stands are a beautiful product on Etsy of course. So beautiful we’re even at their Etsy Expo Dutch Design Week!

Own a piece of this Dutch Design icon and order one (or more of course)

Hoe kunnen ze het ervoor doen, hè

Ja, dan ben je best goed bezig! Je bedenkt en maakt een houten iPadstand, en voor je het weet wordt ie al gekopieerd! Whoei!

Kijk maar: deze mensen van zuilopmaat.nlmaken exact dezelfde iPadstand, identiek aan de onze qua ontwerp en afmetingen, en noemen hem de iPaddock.

En het leuke is, deze kopie is bijna twee keer zo duur! Nah! Hoe kunnen ze het ervoor doen, hè.

Iedereen mag hem kopen trouwens hoor, deze duurdere ripoff. Vinden we niet erg.
Of je maakt er gewoon ook eentje zelf! Ja!! Das hartstikke leuk en heus niet moeilijk; we hebben de bouwtekeningimmers online gezet.

Maar ik zou het niet doen.
Ik zou hem gewoon hier kopen, de Wooden iPadstand. Voor 4 euro 95.
Je moet dan wel genoegen nemen met het origineel, maar who cares.

iPad Mini or Air? Get an Wooden iPad Stand Mini!

Got an iPad Mini or iPad Air? Get an iPad Mini stand! Smaller, lighter and with anti-slip feet it holds your iPad Mini/Air perfectly. Still the same non-scratch, eco-friendly wood. Get it now!

Wooden iPad Stand in government!

We knew that our Wooden iPad Stands are classy, but plush government classy? Well, they are :) Have a look at these classy pictures, of a classy product, in a classy place…

If they’re good enough for Dutch Government, wouldn’t they be good enough anywhere?

Hey, I can do this myself!
Well yes you can! If you’re a bit handy and have the right tools, you can certainly make one yourself. We even give you the details on how to make your own. But if you rather let us do it, we’re more than happy to take you order :)

Packaging dilemma

We love our product. It’s eco, it’s pretty and it just feels right. Soon it will be in stores as well. Trouble is, we need packaging. We had some great design done (partly by us, partly by the talented @gertonderweg from RCG  Groningen) and came up with something awesome.

Trouble is, it’s expensive. We sell a $5 stand, we cannot afford $1 packaging. Maybe we can get prices down and only use it for our $10 Bamboo version, but we still need packaging.

Do you have any creative low-budget packaging ideas? Cheap, eco-ok/friendly and stickerable would be the requirements…

Your suggestions are very much appreciated!

UPDATE 1: we need attractive packaging for in stores, that is the most important bit.
UPDATE 2: approx. measurements of the Wooden iPad Stands are 13 x 8 x 2.5 cm